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Style #1

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Style #2

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More Auto Collages can be found under Automobiles


Custom Magazine Covers

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Custom Sportmount Style Prints

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Sports Cards

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Custom Proof Sheets

8.5"x 11" with up to 9 images and a custom background for $20.

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Pitching and Batting Sequence Strips

Up to 5 images - 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" = $5.

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Scrape Book Photo Sheet

8.5"x 11" with up to 9 images per page for $17.

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Jeff ten Have PhotoGraphics is proud to announce a whole new line of Proucts

brought to us from Rock-It Air Wear . Now you can have your favorite sports photos put on

the following items.  

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Rock-It Air wear was opened as a custom T-Shirt store 20 years ago and has constantly been evolving and improving its product to the high point that it is today. Peruse their best products featured below and imagine your own pictures and logos on them. 


The custom transfer T-shirt has come a long way in 20 years. Our print system features the best in full colour logos with excellent wash ability proven over many years. Just get us your picture or logo and our artists will design a shirt that will be sure to please.

Shirt Gildan unisex, ultra cotton, T-Shirt: $9.98 Logo $18 (largest 11” by 15”). One time set-up (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample) of $10. Prices vary with logo size from $4.50 for a 4” round transfer, 7” by 8”: $8, 8.5” by 11”: $12, 8.5” by 14”: $15 and the 11” by 15”: $18.


Coffee Mugs
Next to shirts the coffee mug is the most popular item. With sublimation printing the colour is a lot more vivid and sharp then conventional screen-printing or photocopy mugs. Most customers prefer the larger mug (15 ounce) as it fits the whole hand in the handle and has room for a coffee and a half (or beer!) The smaller 11 ounce mug is also available at the same price.
Large coffee mug 15 ounce: $15.98 One time set-up of $10 (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample). If a second exact mug is purchased there would be no set-up charge.


An item made popular because of its diversity in logo / picture reproduction and the vivid full colour sublimation printing right into the wood. The graphics people at Rock-It will taylor make your plaque with as much information and graphics as you need.
Plaque featured 8” by 10”: $26.98 One time set-up of $15 (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample). 5” by 7”: $19.98, 7” by 9”: $21.98, 9” by 12”: $29.98, 11” by 15”: $39.98. Discounts start at 6.


Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
A practical item that does a great job of keeping drinks hot or cold. This is a 15-ounce travel mug with plastic sip lid. This is the perfect item for the person on the go.
Mug featured: $24.98 A one time set-up fee of $10. (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample)


An adjustable, cotton, natural colour apron with pocket.
Apron featured: $14.98 One time set-up of $10. (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample)


Beer Mugs
For that someone who just doesn’t drink coffee or tea and needs a big mug! 22 ounce porcelain mug.
Mug featured: $21.98 One time set-up of $10. (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample)

Mouse Pads
Quality, extra thick mouse pad. With sublimation printing you get vivid colours and no sticky print feel.
Mouse Pad featured: $14.98 One time set-up of $5. (Adds lettering as sample)


Tote Bags
New canvas tote features longer black straps and pocket on one side.
Bag featured: $14.98 7” by 8” logo $8 One time set-up of $10. (Adds lettering and edge effects around picture as sample)


Name Tags
Rigid plastic nametag with satin finish, logos printed in full colour. Magnet or pin back.
Name Tag featured: $12.98 (pin back $9.98) One time set-up (Adds lettering as sample) of $10.


Coaster Sets
Rigid plastic with cork back and picture printed in vivid full colour. Do 4 different pictures on a set of 4 coasters.
Coaster featured: $9.98 each $39.98 for set of 4 and receive a free stand / holder) Add a saying for a one time set up charge of $5.


Message Boards
A useful item that also looks attractive! Add your favorite, photo decorative edge and message to add that personal touch. Comes with large magnets on back for easy fridge mounting and wipe able marker attached.
Message Board featured: $21.98 Includes set up charge.


Water Bottles
This is a new lightweight, metal, sport water bottle with screw on top and clip for packsack. The bottle has a porcelain type finish to allow for sharp colour graphics.  
Water bottle featured: $19.98 Plus a $5 set up charge for name.


Christmas Ornaments
Hang this beautiful and personal keepsake on your tree this year. This is a porcelain bauble with nicely printed Merry Christmas on back. Your picture is printed with the year onto a metal circle fixed to the ornament.
Ornament featured: $19.98 Includes date and name if desired.


License Plates and License Plate Frames
Put your message in front of everyone as you drive. These hard plastic plates have UV protection to keep them looking good. Frames have their centers cut out to allow for numbers to be visible.
License featured: $17.98 Plus a $10 one time set-up charge.


Wall Clocks and Desk Clocks
These items keep time and look great! Photos are printed into hard plastic clock surface.
Clocks are available in an 8” round wall model and 4” round desk clock. The numbers for the clock are custom coloured to match picture.
Wall Clock: $39.98
Desk Clock: $24.98


The puzzles have a nice soft fabric top and a hard cardboard bottom. Photos reproduce sharp and bright on the puzzles. Add a mini canvas bag with a matching photo of the puzzle on it for easy piece storage. 
Puzzle (8.5” by 11”): $9.98
Puzzle (11” by 16”): $14.98
Add a matching puzzle bag for $9.98


Clip Boards
This is a great coach gift that they will love and use. Glossy hard board with sturdy clip for notes and it is printable on both sides.
Clip board (one side): $19.98
Clip board (both sides): $29.98
Add custom lettering and team logo for a one-time charge of $10


Baseball Hats
One of our most popular hats is a cotton low fit style with an adjustable Velcro back. A similar style is also available in taller regular ball cap style. Full colour logos work well on the sand colour with black peak edge and cream with navy edge.
Featured Hat: $11.50 A one time set up charge of $10


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From This






To This

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