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All proofs on this site are of greatly reduced quality to discourage printing from this site and do not reflect the true quality of these images...    The following image will help show the true quality of  Jeff tenHave PhotoGraphic images....

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Moto X Racing Proofs



click on races below to see photos
Kakabeka MX May 31 2014
Kakabeka MX July 5 2014
Kakabeka MX August 25 2014
Kakabeka MX June 1 2013
Kakabeka MX June 22 2013
Kakabeka MX July 06 2013
Kakabeka MX August 10 2013
Atikokan MX August 24 2013
Kakabeka MX June 9 2012
Kakabeka MX July 7 2012
Kakabeka MX August 18 2012
Kakabeka MX September 15 2012
Kakabeka MX June 11 2011
Kakabeka MX August 20 2011
Kakabeka MX September 24 2011
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Custom Graphics such as putting names and dates on pictures or collages are also available.. Click Custom Work  for examples.

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